Plunderer Kapoko given 2 years jail sentence

Former Ministry of Health Human Resources Officer Henry Kapoko has been sentenced to two years imprisonment by the Lusaka Magistrate court.

This is on charges of abuse of authority of office involving over 10 million Kwacha public funds. Magistrate Lameck Ng’ambi sentenced Kapoko on Monday.

The court has also ordered Kapoko to pay back 40,000 Kwacha of the funds stolen from the Ministry of Health.

And speaking when he delivered the Judgement, Magistrate Ng’ambi said the state had proved that Kapoko abused his authority of office.

In 2009, a scum was exposed involving Henry Kapoko who was linked to the theft of 10 million Kwacha public funds at the Ministry of Health.

He is likely to appeal his sentence to the High Court.

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