‘Plunderers’ disgust EU

The European Union says it is disgusted to see individuals in Zambia living luxurious lives from embezzled tax payers’ money.

Speaking in Lusaka during the EU end of year media breakfas at the Southern Sun Ridgeway hotel, European Union head of delegation to Zambia Derek fee said it was disgusting to see individuals driving around in luxurious vehicles bought using  stolen money when Zambians who should have benefited from such funds were wallowing in poverty.
And making a presentation dubbed the implementation of cooperation 2009 highlights and 2001 outlook, EU head of operations Eric Beaume noted that the governance reforms in Zambia have been generally moving on a slow pace.
He observes that Zambia has recorded strong economic growth in recent years, but that the growth has not translated into significant poverty reduction.
And speaking at the function Swedish ambassador to Zambia Marie Anderson de Frutos called for a free and independent press in order for good governance to be upheld.
He said government and cooperating partners have been having good dialogue over a number of issues were the issues of press freedom and the regulation of NGOs have been raised.

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