Poem on dictators

By John Zulu
Iron fist leaders
Oh, mother Zambia; our choices of leaders have made us become prisoners of our own failed government,
Laws are made and implemented with an iron fist
To cater for the needs of a few
Cemented and fully enforced by those
With hands to carry a gun to defend and promote human rights
Lead drapes the future
And even the past
Depressing yesterday precedes
An even bleaker today
Where is the joy of democracy?
 Joy knowing our interests are safeguarded
 Joy knowing we will be ruled based on the principle of equality
 Joy knowing there is a stable and responsible government
 Joy knowing they will be political education through rallies
 Joy knowing there is a chance to revolve for the better as a society
 Joy knowing we will be helped to be good citizens
 Joy knowing governance will be based on public opinion
 This joy has dried up
Like sprinkles in hot desert sand
Unknown to the lucky few it is called:
Planet Earth’s most common reality
When hope is lost – no choice
It is bitterness that abounds
Breeding aggression, anger, antagonism, hostility and despair
The destitute follow those
Who promise a drink of relief
Even so its source stems
From a poisoned heart
My wish is that one day
All the current egoism and rule with an iron fist will die
Like a rotting tree is struck
By a blazing lightning and they will be no leaders with iron fists: brutal controlling people by force; and brutal with iron grips on the machinery of government
A day the police will serve their people as professionals
A day the main instrument of power will no longer be terror
No more instilling fear in the populace
No more the use of secret police and informers to root out those speaking against the regime
A day personality cults will be strewn
The day they will be no one imposing his will on the masses with almost limitless power
A day the opposition will be free to carry out their mandate
A day of civility where brute force and misuse of legal powers will be no more
A day no single leader will have a firm grip on the media, TV, news channels, newspapers for his own cheap propaganda
A day the media will be designed to paint a real picture of both negative and positive happenings in the nation
A day they will be no national leaders with iron fists to impose laws that dictate many areas of our lives
A day they will be no censored information in news broadcasts, limits on geographic locations where people can travel, and restrictions on assembly
A day we will once again have democracy in which all citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives.

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