Police abduct Central UPND youth leader Mwanakampwe

Police abduct Central UPND youth leader Mwanakampwe

Central province youth Chairman Milner Mwanakampwe has been abducted from Kabwe by police officers claiming to have come from police force headquarters and working under instructions from ‘above’, his whereabouts and safety remain unknown.

Mwanakampwe was abducted about midday on the doorsteps of his Seventh Day Kabwe Central church soon after worshipping by a horde of uniformed and plain clothed police officers who earlier went to his home but couldn’t find him. Party officials and his wife, who is now living in danger fearing that the family may be raided, confirmed Mwanakampwe’s abduction.

Just after the Sabbath church service, the PF cadres who had positioned themselves outside the gate pounced on Mwanakampwe and when congregants asked they were told that they are police officers and were taking him to police force headquarters in Lusaka.

But some sources from the police have told the Watchdog that Mwanakampwe has in fact not been taken to Lusaka but most likely to a far away detention facility where he will be tortured as he has been accused of coordinating high profile visits to the incarcerated UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in Mukobeko prison. PF officials have also claim that Mwanakampwe has been tasked by UPND to mobilise youths to give solidarity to their leader when he appears in the Lusaka High Court on Monday.


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