Police accuse Times, Daily Mail of lying over ritualistic musicians

Police accuse Times, Daily Mail of lying over ritualistic musicians

20160404_090233Police Spokesperson Charity Munganga has accused the Times of Zambia and Daily Mail of being unprofessional and fabricating news articles.

Last weekend, the two government funded and controlled newspapers published articles that the police had apprehended three local musicians for being in possession of human body organs. According to the Times of Zambia, the three musicians were attempting to go and sale human genitals to Tanzania when they were cornered at the border.

But Police Spokesperson Charity Munganga has said the government newspapers published lies.

” The story about musicians being apprehended in connection with the George killings is fake. It is very unfortunate journalists can go out of their way to publish a fake story without verification. As Zambia Police, we have not apprehended anyone in connection with the George Killings,’ said Munganga.

She said that, this does not however mean that the case is closed but actively being investigated.

‘ We realise that this is a case of interest and should anything come up, the nation will be informed accordingly. The artists that are being mentioned are not in our custody and at no time did we even summon them in connection with any murder case. Please be factual in your reporting and don’t hide in anonymous sources to cover for your lack of professionalism,” Munganga said.

But parallel information show that the police indeed arrested three musicians but were forced to release them by president Edgar Lungu.

It is alleged that when the musicians were arrested, they refused to answer questions but insisted that the police should get in touch with president Lungu.

When the perplexed police decided to contact State House, they were ordered to release the named musicians and erase all records of their ever being arrested.

So it is likely that Munganga is just playing ball.

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