Police accused of stealing K10m from suspect

A TRIAL within a trial will commence on Monday in Livingstone following allegations by a convict that Police shared K10 million of the K15 million they recovered from him.
Osward Mulwani told Livingstone magistrate Andrew Kasongo that the six detectives who apprehended him should reveal where they took the rest of the cash instead of insisting that they only recovered K5.5 million.
This was when Mulwani was given chance to say something in mitigation after his conviction.
“The police shared the money they recovered from me. I had used only K5 million from the K20 million I stole and they found me with K15 million. I want to know where they took K10 million,” Mulwani said.
This is in a case in which Mulwani, 22, of house number 18 Zambezi Sawmills was appearing in court and was convicted of breaking into a building and committing a felony, which is contrary to Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.
Mulwani broke into a shop belonging to Sha Jaendwa on July 7, 2012 and stole K20 million cash from the daily sales.
The public prosecutor had told the court that out of the K20 million Mulwani had stolen, Police recovered only K5.5 million cash, two heavy- duty speakers, a two-plate cooker, four mobile phones, two pairs of shoes and one pair of trousers, all of which he bought using the stolen money.
The prosecutor handed the cash and property over to the court as part of the State’s evidence.
Mulwani had admitted the charge and after the State presented the facts of the offence and Mr Kasongo convicted him, Mulwani sent the case into a dramatic twist when he alleged that police officers stole part of the money he had given them.
At this point Mr Kasongo ordered that the district criminal investigations officer (DCIO) and the CIO to appear before him on Monday with the officers who had apprehended Mulwani, so that they can respond to his allegation.
He ordered that the money be given back to the prosecution because the amount the police had declared to the court was being disputed.
“The DCIO and CIO must appear before me on 23rd July, 2012 with the officers the convict has mentioned. I am not proceeding with this matter until the issues this man has raised are clarified,” Mr Kasongo said.
He adjourned the matter to Monday to allow the detectives to give their side of the story.

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