‘Police aiding cattle rustlers in Mumbwa’


I write to complain about the rampant cattle thefts that have rocked Mumbwa District, especially Nangoma Area. I hope the IG and her deputy will find time to sort out this mess instead of spending time pursuing political issues that are baseless.

For sometime now, Police Officers at Nangoma Police Post have tried their level best to prevent cattle thieves. However, their efforts have been undermined by their colleagues at Westwood Police Station and those at Makeni Police Station as well as those manning the Police Post just at the Makeni Turn Off on the Mumbwa Road. Shibuyunji Police may be involved as well. Thieves have got a cartel with the top officers and fake papers are produced at these road blocks to show that the carcases that these thieves carry are bought from the owners when in fact not. If these policemen were professional, they would have demanded to see the hides of those carcases as proof of identify.

Can you the top command in Lusaka act on this before we take the law into our own hands.

Concerned citizen (Withhold my identity)

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