Police arrest Barotseland freedom fighters

Police in Kalabo are detaining 13 youths for taking part in celebrations related to the ongoing efforts to liberate Barotseland from Northern Rhodesia (Zambia).

Word went round in Barotseland that a Mr Afumba Mombotwa has been sworn in as Barotseland Administrator General around 15 hours.

Some people took to the streets to celebrate in various towns. In Kalabo, hundreds of youths marched from the main market to government offices but on the way were met by riot police who tear-gassed them.


The youths were chanting slogans of liberation even as the police were arresting them.

It is reported that one Afumba Mombotwa took oath of office before the Chief Justice of the Royal Barotseland Kingdom on 14th August, 2013, in an event that was held in Mungu, the current Capital City of Barotseland at 15 hours Central African Time.

Reports reaching the Watchdog indicate that there will be increased activities toward the secession of Barotseland in the next two weeks.


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