Police arrest Mwaliteta again

Police have arrested UPND Lusaka Province Chairperson Obvious Mwaliteta, again.

In a brief note, Mwaliteta said ‘Finally the police have re arrested me taking me to kafue police with my colleague.’

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    Tasila 2 weeks ago

    Well said Chelsey I also hate these fuckin bastards who call themselves as policemen. They are cadres . Relatives is of Mwaliteta please visit Sesheke they need punishment these stupid cadres send bees to all of them this is when they will stop . How I wish I was in there could have shown them Pepe. These enemies of progress as long as PF are calling them selves as rulers with their major thief Lungu things won’t be good for zambia . GOd should answer our prayers 

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    Time is coming both to pf and the police God is watching. Zambia is for everyone

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    Chelsey 2 weeks ago

    One Zambia One Nation will never be achieved as long as pf thugs are in power. To be honest, it is scary and sad to see how pf police thugs conduct themselves towards Zambian citizens. What a shame! Anyway, this doesn’t surprise me as long as it is coming from pf criminals with their backward mentality. No wonder only dictators are friends of Zambia. I hate these illiterate pf bastards!