Police arrest Nellie Mutti, charge her with theft

The PF Police commonly known as Zambia Police have succumbed to pressure from Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and his Permanent Secretary Joseph Akafumba and today arrested Lusaka Lawyer Nellie Mutti.

The Police at Woodlands Police have arrested Mrs. Mutti and slapped her with 31 counts of Forgery, uttering a false document and theft.

Mrs. Mutti has since been granted Police Bond and will appear before the Lusaka Magistrate Court on March 24, 2014.

A source from within the Police who yesterday disclosed in an interview that Mrs. Mutti would be arrested today under instructions from Kabimba, Akafumba and Secretary to the Cabinet Dr. Rowland Msiska said Mrs. Mutti looked calm.

” As I told you yesterday. Mrs. Mutti has finally been arrested and charged with 31 counts. She was very calm. She has been granted Police Bond and it is like she knew that she was going to be arrested so she came prepared with sureties and she has been bonded out. PS Akafumba really wanted her to spend a night in cells,” the source said.

When contacted for a comment Mrs. Mutti confirmed the arrest.

“Yes They have arrested me and will be appearing before the Principal Resident Magistrate on March,24. I have been bonded by my Relatives,” she said.

Mrs. Mutti, a Senior Lawyer has over the past months been having problems with Kabimba, Akafumba and now Msiska for challenging the decision by Kabimba and Akafumba to transfer money from her law firm’s account to that of Wynter Kabimba’s lawyer Rabson Malipenga without her consent.

Malipenga who uses a known criminal Siachoke Simemeza then deducts 15 per cent of the money which he shares with Akafumba, Kabimba and now even the highest Civil Servant in Zambia Dr. Rowland Msiska. Mrs. Mutti is the one who represented the retired civil servants when they sued the state. She won the case in the High Court on behalf of the civil servants. She then started receiving the money from Ministry of Justice on behalf of the civil servants and deducted legal fees. By the time Mutti was representing the retired civil servants, Malipenga one of the country’s dullest lawyer just like his friend Kabimba was probably still studying law but now he wants to reap where he did not sow.

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