Police arrest Opposition MP for defaming Lungu

Police arrest Opposition MP for defaming Lungu


Police in Kapiri Mposhi have this morning arrested Hon. Stanley K. Kakubo MP on an alleged claim of Defamation of the President.

He arrived at Kapiri Mposhi police with his lawyers a while ago.

It is not clear at this stage whether the MP will be given Police Bond or allowed to bail at the court.

Thank you to All Kapiri citizens and supporters who mobilized themselves to escort their MP. We appeal to everyone to remain calm, we will give you regular updates.

More details to follow.

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    With the kind of talk exhibited by Lungu when he addressed people in chilubi, its very difficult not to defame him.The man was literally telling voters that the money in zambia is his. Stupid idiot

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    gmulenga@yahoo.com 2 weeks ago

    Zambians watch out if we let this kind of behaviour now in the coming years, i can foresee blood shed.Let us put a stop to this by voting out these people and all police officers should be accountable in future for not operating professionally.

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    Steve 2 weeks ago

    Goodness. If this is the bar for defamation, then we have become a dictatorship. According to the video clip, the words aren’t very kind but defamatory? I would disagree. We have lightweight leaders and a useless police service who have become messengers of the PF than protectors of the public and defenders of the constitution 

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    Munene 2 weeks ago

    But why attacking personalities instead of telling the people what you have done for then and what you will do better if voted in power???

  • comment-avatar
    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    Awe sure ati umutali no mobili uwunono.