Police arrest PF councilor for illegal land sale

Police in Kabwe have arrested PF ward councilor for Njanji ward Cornelius Katiti for illegally selling a piece of land in his ward to two different people but the local party leadership is pushing for an out of court settlement with the complainants.

Police sources who withheld the names of the complainants told the Zambian Watchdog that Katiti was apprehended early this week but was only released on police bond following interventions by Kabwe central MP James Kapyanga and Mayor Moses Mwansa who are also linked to numerous dubious illegal land sales.

The source complained about political interference in matters that involved PF members. “This land problem involves almost all the PF councilors and we have a list, ACC also have a list and even local government ministry have a list of the corrupt land dealers but there is too much interference from the leadership leading to some senior council officers being transferred or retired. But these guys will be followed when government changes in 2016,” said the source.

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