Police arrest UPND official for wearing party attire at show


The police in Itezhi-tezhi district have detained UPND’s Jacob Mubambo for attending a local agriculture show while putting on UPND legalia.
Mubambo was arrested on Friday in Mbila ward and was moved to the boma about 90 kilometres where he was locked in police cells.
According to the information, Mubambo’s arrest was politically motivated by Monde who is one of the expelled UPND MPs.
By Saturday afternoon, Jacob was still being denied a police bond by the officer in charge Isaac Nanjaya.
The police who are working under instructions from Chilangwa and Monde have since taken a warn and caution from Jacob and have charged him with conduct likely to cause breach of peace.
The police are claiming that Jacob was distributing flairs with contents “ALEISA ALEISA, VOTE HH 2016 during the show.
The police were instructed by Home Affairs deputy minister Nixon Chilangwa and Greyford Monde to detaine Jacob.
On saturday morning, the two ministers visited the police station where Jacob was detained.
Jacob is one of the individuals seeking to be adopted as UPND candidate in the impending Itezhi-tezhi by-election.

But Jacob Mubambo has mantained that he will not stop visiting the area because of his arrest.

He has assured the people not to be intimidated by the PF and police.


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