Police arrest Masebo

Police arrest Masebo

PF police on instructions from Edgar Lungu arrested PF Chongwe MP Silvia Masebo as she was walking from Magistrates court premises near UTH on her way to see a patient at UTH.

Masebo was in court this morning facing a case of abuse of office in one of the many persecutions that Lungu has launched on those opposed to his rule.

The case could however not take off as the DPP was not ready and Masebo decided to take a walk to UTH to see a relative but a number of her supporters followed her as well in solidarity.

But she was intercepted during her walk to Magistrate Complex to UTH which is just a few meters away and is likely to face another case of Conduct likely to Cause Breach of Peace or as it is now commonly referred to as Conduct likely to win her another election.
She has currently been detained at Woodlands Police Station.

Masebo is among the PF MPs who differed with drunk Edgar Lungu during the party’s convention where Lungu was elected by lifting Pangas in the air.

Lungu has now targeted all those opposed to his rule such as Kasama MP Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) and others who built PF in preference to the Rupiah Banda team that persecuted Michael Sata.

It is the same Lungu who sent Palamiliatry officers to the Chitimukulu when he was Home Affairs Minister.image

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