Police asking Changala on late DPP Mukelabai, PF money laundering and his pistol

The joint government security squad tasked to wipe out the Zambian Watchdog and any dissenting views has asked Civil rights activist Brebner Changala to explain why he is in possession of documents relating to the tribunal of late DPP Mukelebai Mukelebai who was murdered in South Africa by suspected Zambian government operatives.
The police are also questioning Changala on the documents relating to the PF fundraising Matrix before they assumed power.
The police who raided Changala’s house in Kabwata earlier this morning are also interrogating him on two pistols they are said to have found at his house.
By 16 hours local time, the police were still holding Changala at the police headquarters.
There is nothing wrong with possessing a gun in Zambia as long as it is registered. Thousands of Zambians possess guns in their homes for domestic security.
When he filed for nomination as president in 2011, President Michael Sata declared that he owned seven different guns among other possessions.
According to a source within the Zambia Intelligence system, the team being spearheaded by Mr. Kunda a senior assistant commissioner of police in charge of police intelligence wants to know how much Changala knows about the people in government linked to the death of former DPP Mukelebai Mukelebai.
The team also wants to know how much Changala knows about the money laundering activities by Sata and the PF before coming into power.
The other person in the crack team is a Mr. Liwanga an operative under ZICTA. He is in-charge of phone and email tapping.

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