Police attack GBM’ s house on Lungu’s orders

Police attack GBM’ s house on Lungu’s orders

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Outgoing President Edgar Lungu currently in Kasama ordered police to teargas and raid the house of UPND Vice-President and running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba this morning.

GBM’ sister has collapsed and rushed to hospital .

As can be seen in the photos, GBM was busy pounding Copperbelt yesterday while many people that went for Lungu’s rally ended up dumping the PF regalia at GBM’s residence yesterday after the rally. This girl s probably what angered Lungu and ordered the police to attack GBM’s children.

Lungu, who is equated to God by his followers the so called ‘Christians for Lungu’ will be holding hypocritical prayers against violence  in the next few days. Preachers who were once respected such Joshua Banda will join and are receiving money to mock God.

There has been several schemes Lungu has been cooking against the opposition leaders including planting drugs and arms at their properties and have them them arrested on treason charges.

The scheme by Lungu, whose running mate Inonge Wina has completely become invisible and unable to organise any meeting anywhere even for school children, is to try and cause instability in the country and have the elections cancelled so he can hang on and continue stealing.

GBM wrote this morning:

It’s sad and unfortunate that my home in Kasama has been raided and teargased… My wife, my children and grandchildren were in the house when this happened this morning. My small grandchildren have been taken to hospital as they have been victims of this barbaric act carried out by the police.


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