Police await Sata’s approval to arrest Central province minister for theft

Police in Central Province are waiting for instructions from President Michael Sata to arrest Central Province Minister Phillip Kosamu for theft and money laundering.

According to information obtained by the Zambian Watchdog, the police intend to arrest Mr. Kosamu for theft of 2000 bags of maize and possible money laundering.

According to police intelligence sources, Kosamu was allocated 9000 bags of relief Maize under the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to be distributed to Chisomo in Muchinga constituency and Lubombwa in Chitambo Constituency.

The source said the Central Province Minister decided to withdraw 2000 bags of Maize from the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in Serenje and started selling it at a black market price at his shop in Serenje called “ IN JESUS NAME”.

“The Minister got 2000 bags of the 9000 allocated to him to distribute and he is selling them at his shop called in Jesus Name” the source said.

The source said Mr. Kosamu is using a PF councillor in Serenje by the name of Chester Kasonde.

The source said since Kosamu was a presidential appointee, the investigative wings have asked permission from the president through provincial administration to seek permission to arrest Mr. Kosamu.

But another source said the President may be hesitant to allow the police because Kosamu may have donated part of the proceeds towards the PF campaigns in Livingstone and Mpongwe.

Recently, president Sata ordered law enforcement officers not to touch his ministers and PF senior officials before receiving instructions from him.

The Kosamu family has already been in trouble with the law, see another story here.


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