Police beat, arrest Fred M’ membe, wife & other journalists

Police beat, arrest Fred M’ membe, wife  & other journalists


IN THE PHOTO: Post newspaper editor-in-chief Fred M’membe (left), deputy managing editor Joseph Mwenda (right) and M’membe wife Mutinta made to sit on the tarmac outside the Post newspapers offices in Lusaka after being arrested by police on Tuesday June 28, 2016.

Police beat up M’membe and brutally roughed up Mwenda and Mutinta before bundling them in a police van which drove off to Lusaka Central Police where they’ve been locked up. The police also beat up for Director of Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito when he tried to stop the harassments. Nchito is the lawyer for the  Post newspaper.

The Post obtained a court order that granted them permission to commence normal operations pending court hearing but Lungu disregarded it in the typical Zimbabwean and Ugandan dictator style and had them arrested.

This is how all dictators behave by disregarding institutions of democracy such as courts and resorting to suppression.

It is now evidently clear that Zambia is headed for doom and total breakdown of law and order under Lungu and Zambians should not expect any credible elections outcome.

Having stolen too much within a short period of time (K20 billion old currency), Lungu really knows he is headed for jail with his top security people such as ZAF boss Eric Chimense and others.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has been instructed to reject reconciliation of figures over the tax amount the Post Newspapers owes it.

A source at the ZRA has disclosed that president Edgar Lungu’s Political Advisor Kaizer Zulu gave the instruction Monday afternoon. The source said KPMG an International auditing firm which is the tax advisor to the Post Newspapers had requested ZRA Commissioner General Berlin Msiska to appoint a team to reconcile the figures but Msiska sought advise from State House and State House instructed that there should be no reconciliation.

” The CG (Commissioner General) says he does not want to lose his job and has refused to reconcile figures with KPMG,” the source said.

The source said the Post Newspapers could be owing less than K18 million.

” The Post has been paying money into a court account all this time the matter has been in court. The amount owing could be K18 million or less and not that K53million but state house says no reconciliation. For doubting Thomases, this means that it is State House behind the closure not ZRA,” the source said.

Meanwhile, outgoing President Edgar Lungu has defended ZRA’s closure of the Post Newspapers. The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) the world’s worst National broadcaster which many Zambians now call DeadNBC in its main news says Lungu says ZRA was on firm grounds to close the post.


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