Police beat journalist, threatens to kill him like the ZAF soldier

Police beat journalist, threatens to kill him like the ZAF soldier

Side view of the injured Journalist's cheek

Side view of the injured Journalist’s cheek

Another PF cadre clad in police uniform and stationed at City market has this time beaten an innocent journalist who went to the market to check on his clothes at a tailor’s shop.

Hills Muntanga of City TV was walking to the tailor’s shop at about 18:00hrs when the identified police officer pounced on him saying the market was closed but before the young reporter could explain that he was just checking on the progress of his jacket at the tailor’s shop who was still inside the market the police officer descended on him and beat him.

Efforts by onlookers to stop the officer from causing further injury proved futile as they were threatened that they will be shot at and all this happened while other officers were just watching until Muntanga ran for his life. One police officer was heard boasting that “we shall beat you the same way we beat that ZAF soldier to death”, in reference to the murder of Flight Sergeant Nchimunya Choongwa over the weekend.

He narrates that when he called police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo he was told to go and get the medical report but the nearby police posts denied him till he went to Kulima Tower Police post where he was issued with one and when examined at Chawama clinic, the medical report shows that he has an injured cheek resulting from fists and kicks.

It is undeniable that Edgar Lungu’s PF is infiltrated by PF thugs who are there to harass citizens.

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