Police beat up UPND supporters in Mambwe

Police in Mambwe District of Eastern province this morning fought running battles and beat up locals, and broke someone’s collar-bone.

UPND vice-president Dr. Canisius Banda, who is in the entourage disclosed that people started gathering as early as 08:00 hours for a meeting which was scheduled for 12:00 hours.

But police under instructions from ailing dictator Michael Sata moved in and started beating people and closed the markets.

They started spilling the nshima and relish from markets and forced everyone to close the business at the markets.

UPND president Mr. Hichilema was by then still having meetings with traditional leaders and headmen in the area and by the time he arrived on the scene, people had been beaten and was only forced to visit patients in clinics.

Police had given the UPND permits to hold meetings in the area, but were forced to cancel by phone after Mr. Sata told them to do so.

Mr. Hichilema is on a 14 days tour of Eastern province as part of the countrywide mobilisation meetings that will see him proceed to Muchinga province after the Eastern province.

He has vowed to continue holding meetings and rallies with or without police permits because Mr. Sata does not respect freedoms of assembly.

Mr. Hichilema is also scheduled to feature on various radio stations in the area and visit farming communities.

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