Police beating, robbing mtendere residents



I am a zambian citizens living in my own country with fear & no freedom of movement.  Here re in Mtendere east we are being brutally beaten by police officers, they are demanding a k54 or you sleep in one of the smallest & dirtiest jaisl i have ever seen. The smell it  self can make u get sick, the police officers at kalingalinga police station are using shishita to still money from people.  We  have suffered.  Last night they arrested us at 22: 00. this one police was brutally kicking us as if we were thieves, kanshi shishita is it to protect people or rob people? They are using people who are not police officers to catch people coming from work & when u try talking to them they ask for money & if u don’t have they treat u like a criminal. One guy was brutally beaten & his money stolen. They insult you for asking them why they are beating you. Now is this how we are going to live in this country? just because Road blocks have been stopped they have started using shishita as a way to make money.


Please help us twachula. some us are students & the little money given to us for transport is being finishd just paying these thieves in police uniforms.


Mtendere resident

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