Police block HH from entering Kalingalinga, says Kakoma

Police block HH from entering Kalingalinga, says Kakoma

UPND notified the Police on Thursday 21st May 2015 our President Hakainde Hichilema’s Lusaka Constituency tour program from 22-31 May 2015.

As can be seen in the attached pictures, this morning till later in the afternoon, the Lusaka Police Command sent hundreds of officers in the entire Kalingalinga township area where Mr. Hichilema was scheduled to visit some homes including his private property built in that area.

11351311_956248294425921_7194444255806906516_nLater, Charity Katanga, Commissioner for Lusaka Province called our Acting Secretary General Kuchunga Simusamba informing him that the Police wish to have a very detailed tour program which indicates exactly where and for how long he will be touring each area in a particular constituency and also the names of UPND marshals who will be accompanying Mr. Hichilema.

Ms. Katanga claims that Mr. Hichilema’s tours, which will be countrywide, constitutes a procession, assembly, and demonstration as provided for in the Public Order Act.

As UPND, we believe that Mr. Hichilema’s program of visiting citizens’ homes, markets, trading areas, and even his private properties such as his house in Kalingalinga Compound does not constitute any of the ridiculous provisions as provided for in the colonial and archaic Public Order Act.

It is now clear to us that the Lusaka Province Police Commander is unable to differentiate between a public figure visiting, meeting and greeting Zambian citizens from a procession, assembly or demonstration.

In 2015 if Ms Charity Katanga is unable to grasp concepts of public figures meeting and greeting their own citizens in their own country then we as a country have made very little progress and she is not fit to be a Police Commissioner.


Charles Kakoma

Chairman-Information and Publicity


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