Police block HH from entering Kasama

Police block HH from entering Kasama


Heavily armed Police in Northern Province have continued with their mission of blocking the UPND President who is in the area for face masks distribution among other activities.

Hichilema writes …

People want change and it’s coming, no matter what the PF will try and do.

Earlier today, we intended to distribute face masks to the people of Kasama, but Police officers under instructions from the outgoing PF Government, initially blocked and then prevented us from going ahead with the exercise.

This is unfortunate but we know that even the officers themselves want change and once in office next week, we will restore the dignity and integrity of the Police Service.

Despite this incident, we still managed to distribute face masks to our People in the Mungwi area.

Come next week, vote for Change.

HH aka Bally

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