Police block Nevers Mumba from entering Vubwi

Police block Nevers Mumba from entering Vubwi

Police Block Nevers Mumba From Entering Vubwi

The Zambia Police Service in Eastern Province have this afternoon blocked New Hope Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) President and his delegation from entering Vubwi district.

Dr. Mumba who yesterday launched the Mobilization Drive in Chipata City, was today scheduled to launch the Mobilization Drive in Vubwi district.

As the were about to enter Vubwi district, the found a Zambia Police landcriser with armed police officers blocking the road.

New Hope Eastern Provincial Chairperson Mr. Yotam Jere asked the officers why they blocked the road and the unnamed officer in charge said that the had received instructions from above not to allow Dr. Mumba and his delegation from entering Vubwi district.

In an interview after the blockage, New Hope MMD National Secretary Hon. Elizabeth Chitika wondered why a former Republican Vice President was banned from entering Vubwi district.

“We are shocked with the conduct by the Police. We had informed them in due course that we would have an indoor meeting to meet our structures here and they gave us a go ahead. Today, we are shocked that they have blocked Dr. Mumba, who is a Republican Vice President from entering Vubwi. What law is the police using now?”, Hon Chitika asked.

Dr. Mumba is in the province with New Hope MMD National Chairperson Ms. Winnie Zaloumis, National Secretary Hon. Elizabeth Chitika, Chairperson of Transport and Communication Mr. Chaka Zulu and other senior party leaders.

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