Police block relatives from postmortem of slain Kafue resident


The Police Shooting of an innocent poor man Peter Simbeye in Kafue has turned into a new twist. The Criminal Police Service Force carried out a Postmortem on the deceased without the relatives present.

The Zambia Police placed Police Officers at the mortuary and prevented any relatives from witnessing the postmortem. They wanted to recover the bullet if it was still lodged in the body. Up to now the relatives do not know what happened, whether the bullet was recovered or not. The

Criminal police quickly told the family of the deceased to bury quickly before even mourners could be fully be transported to the grave yard, the POLICE gave a silly reason that the body was badly opened up during postmorten hence needed to quickly be buried.

The question is why did the Police organize the on their own the Postmortem and made it so secretive???????

What was there to hide since it is them that killed him. The preliminary coroners report said he died due to entry and exit of the bullet(s) into his body, blood loss, trauma and shock!!! So why the secrecy, why did the Police refuse family members to be present during his being opened up by the Doctor (postmortem) and to look for a bullet???

PF and PF Police should GO. Up to now Kamfwa Mulenga the Policeman that ignited the RIOTS still protected by the Police Command and never bretherized. Kanganja trip to kafue the other day was to issue empty threats and incense the residents more. he ended up at UTH to poze for a photo with the lady that your silly policeman ran over. Kanganja was possing like it is her girlfriend when he was supposed to be looking for Kamfwa Mulenga (jet lee) for the crime he committed.

Bwana Kanganja instead of threatening the un threatenable community in Kafue, what we need are the Policemen the whole group that carried out this assault and Killing of Peter to be arrested, not your cold empty air you were blowing on ZNBC your sponsors channel.

Very annoyed Kafue Resident

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