Police boss blames UPND for Muchinga violence

Police boss blames UPND for Muchinga violence

Being a former police officer who worked in the Mounted Unit, Flying squad and General Duties and also Aide de Camp to IG Francis Ndhlovu (occasionally), I want to say the Police’s approach was operationally wrong. You can’t accost a political rally or convoy in unidentified plain clothes while openly carrying firearms. It’s dangerous, it’s unethical and it’s reckless. I imagine, our security team was confused and jittery if these were really Police officers or thugs. You don’t do such things. Not even wearing of bullet proof jackets is enough identification to justify such a move



I am greatly appalled by the conduct of thugs believed to be UPND cadres who are reported to have abducted two of our police officers of Mpika Police Station whom they assaulted together with other members of the public.

The attack happened at Lavushimanda town Center in Muchinga Province today, 14th October, 2020 around 15:00 hours.

The thugs are reported to have been in the entourage of the opposition UPND Leader Mr. Hakainde Hichilema.

I am reminding politicians once again that anyone who would want to commit crimes under the veil of politics shall have themselves to blame as police shall not tolerate such kind of unreasonable behaviour.

I am warning all those that took part in the commission of this crime that we shall not relent in our investigations, hence they should consider their days numbered.

We shall ensure that all those that will be found wanting are dealt with in accordance with the law.

I have since directed the Provincial Police Commissioner for Muchinga to ensure that all those that have been spotted to be behind this heinous crime are apprehended and brought to book without any undue delay

Our role as the Zambia Police Service is to ensure that law and order prevails hence any individual irrespective of the political party they belong to, who would want to harm Police Officers as they conduct their duties, shall not be spared.
Further, I wish to invite all groupings that have issues with the police to engage us so that they can be heard as opposed to issuing inciting statements. We shall not entertain any statement from any grouping that has potential to bring disorder in the Country.

Sustenance of peace of this country largely lies in our hands as Zambia Police and we shall do our job to preserve the peace.


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