Police boss given complaint against Alex Ngoma

Police boss given complaint against Alex Ngoma

Alex Ngoma

Police Inspector General Francis Kaobnde has received a formal complaint against the attempted theft of a ballot paper by FODEP president Alex Ngoma.

Gregory Chifire wrote his complaint to the police boss Tuesday morning.

“The second complaint is against Dr. Alex Ng’oma, President of a Non Governmental Organization called Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP),’ said Chifire in a letter made available to the Watchdog.

He said it was published and carried out in the media that Dr. Ng’oma while in South Africa witnessing the Printing of Ballot papers did attempt to steal a Presidential ballot paper sample for the purpose an intention best known to himself.

Chifire said this is an offence under the provision of the electoral code of Conduct and as well as the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia.

“Our Prayer to you sir is that you institute investigations on these very serious offences which we feel if not attended to amount to abetting crime, thereby creating an environment full of animosity and a recipe for civil unrest,’ he said.

Chifire also complained to the police against PF secretary General Wynter Kabimba whom he said threatened violence.

He said Kabimba made utterances and threats of Violence on Sunday 21st August 2011 in the District and Province of Lusaka at a public meeting attended by PF members and sympathizers. “These words were broadcast to the entire nation and world through the national broadcaster, the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) and other media.

“ At the same meeting, PF cadres where seen carrying and displaying machetes and other weapons, thereby causing panic and fear in the lives of the citizens of Zambia.

“These threats and actions by Mr. Winter Kabimba and the PF party are in contravention of the Provision of Part iii regulation 20 and 21 (1a, 1 b,) of the Electoral Code of Conduct.”

On Monday, police chief Kabonde said the police will investigate Ngoma once they receive a complaint.

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