Police boss Kanganja stealing from officers

Police boss Kanganja stealing from officers

The PIG (Police Inspector General) Kakoma Kanganja has been accused of stealing Millions of Kwachas from Police officers through forced contributions to a Cooperative Society called Thrift.

A senior Police Officer has since called on Law Enforcement Agencies to urgently investigate the matter. ” We have a Cooperative society called Thrift with its head offices in Sikanze.

It was initially a voluntary association where Police officers could contribute money to and obtain loans from but now it has been made compulsory which is not fair” the source said. The source said K300 is deducted every month from junior officers and K500 per month from each senior officers.


“These deductions are compulsory even if one has no intention of borrowing from the Cooperative. The account is held at a certain Commercial bank and the PIG is the sole signotory. Its millions of Kwacha and most officers have complained about it but nothing has happened,” the source said.

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