Police boss Libongani in near road mishap, police celebrate

Police boss Libongani in near road mishap, police celebrate

this one Inspector General of police Stella Libongani survived an accident when one of the vehicles in her escort motorcade had a tyre burst and cause an emergency braking on Independence Avenue in Kabwe.

Libongani, who was coming from the pass out parade of 138 officer cadets at Kohima barracks was immediately evacuated from the scene while her junior officers remained working on the defective vehicle.

Earlier at Kohima barracks, Libongani had denied an offer of a helicopter lift from Sata and said she had her own transport.

It took over one hour for the officers to sort out the tyre burst problem on the Toyota Hilux registration number ZP 1966B and get two more new tyres.

Meanwhile a few officers in Kabwe briefly celebrated after they were treated to a hoax that the vehicle for the IG was involved in an accident and that she had been seriously injured.

The police officers said they would have celebrated Libongani’s demise due to the misery she has brought on the police such as prepaid electricity and delayed promotions.

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