Police boss says the bullet fired at Post newspaper was harmless

Police boss says the bullet fired at Post newspaper was harmless



Inspector-General of the PF Police Stella Libongani claims that the bullet that was fired at the Post Newspaper premises was harmless. Whoever heard of a harmless bullet?

Libongani claimed that forensic investigations that were launched to ascertain the circumstances behind a shooting at The Post newspapers newsroom have revealed that the bullet was stray and non-lethal . But she did not say who fired the bullet, where it strayed from or what the motivation could have been.

Briefing the press in Lusaka Friday on the findings of the shootings, Libongani said the bullet, which perforated the roof of The Post newsroom, came from outside and went through the ceiling. And yet she claimed it was non-lethal?

Libongani said the findings indicate that the damage on the rooftop was caused by a gunshot whose bullet calibre is 7.62 mm, commonly used in firearms such as AK47 rifle, she-rifle and SKS rifle. At least she was honest enough to admit that some one had a rifle and fired.

“We have concluded that the bullet that went through The Post Newspapers office roof was a stray and non-lethal one because it had a standard shape and was not deformed,” she said.

Libongani said the police carried out investigations in the surrounding areas and all the witnesses interviewed indicated that they did not hear any gunshots in the area prior to the incident. Clearly this is irrelevant. The fact is that a gun was shot. Bwinjunfumu is a busy road, there is noisy traffic at lunch hour and being a residential area, people were busy cooking and some playing loud music in their homes so it is perfectly normal for most people not to have heard the gun shots. Some people might have been at work, school etc.

She said the profile of the projectile (bullet) has since been uploaded on the ballistics database housed at the Police Service headquarters. Maybe that is where it came from in the first place.

Libongani said the outcome of the investigation is credible as it was handled professionally, and that the Zambia Police is willing to avail a detailed forensic report to the Post Newspapers on request. Let an independent person or body judge the professionalism not the same police. And why give the results to the press before giving the victims? Is this not politicking?

She said the police conducted the measurement of the projectile to determine the size and identify the weapon which was fired; examination of the projectile to determine the impact, to approximate the distance travelled and the lethal or none-lethal state of the projectile. Which distance when she said she does not know where the bullet was fired from?


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