Police boss tells police to stop beating people too much

Police boss tells police to stop beating people too much

13TH APRIL, 2020 – The Inspector General of Police, Mr Kakoma Kanganja has advised police officers involved in the enforcement of provisions of Statutory Instrument number 22 which spells out regulations aimed at containing the COVID – 19 to always operate and carry out their duties within the confines of the Law.

The Inspector General of Police has observed that some officers have resorted to using excessive force in conducting their duties and has called on supervisors to closely monitor the ongoing operations.

He has guided that Police Officers should always observe the guidelines outlined in relevant pieces of legislation as well as Police Instructions which guide them on how and when to apply minimum force.

The Police Chief has however called on members of the public to comply with Presidential directives and regulations that have been put in place aimed at containing the CORONA pandemic saying all those that will be found abrogating the Law will not be spared but will be dealt with as provided by the Law.


ZWD comment: but these police are not using excessive force. They are using dehumanising corporal punishment and torturing innocent people. We don’t think that behaviour can be described as ‘using excessive force’. It is abusive and torturous. Mr Kanganja is in better position to stop those animals from torturing and dehumanising citizens. He must stop giving mixed orders. No person should be beaten by police especially when the person is not resisting arrest.

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