Police boss threatens ‘disaster’ at TV station

Police boss threatens ‘disaster’ at TV station

By Wells Chifunda

A Prime TV News Analyst, Mark Simuwe, has become the latest victim to be threatened by a high ranking Zambia Police official, Kakoma Kanganja.

According to a text sent to the TV station’s Executive Director, Gerald Shawa, Mr. Kanganja threatened to cause disaster to Prime TV for what he alleged as disrespectful comments by the outspoken News analyst.

During the analysis segment on Tuesday ,Mr. Simuwe condemned the electoral violence recorded in some by elections which took place on Tuesday including Sesheke where residents were allegedly covered in teargas by Police prior to the day.

In showing his authority, Mr. Kanganja warned Mr. Simuwe to be constructive in his analysis adding that he deserves respect because he is a family man with children.

The text did not go down well with the News analyst who reiterated that the Police I. G needs to engage media than becoming emotional considering that he holds a sensitive position in the Police Service.

It remains unclear what will follow next after the Police I. G’s threat was exposed during the analysis segment on Wednesday.

Is this abuse of authority of office by Mr. Kanganja? Or abusive of freedom of expression by Mr. Simuwe?

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