Police brutality in Luanshya


I write in disappointment on how the Police in Luanshya are Working. Yesterday i had a misunderstanding with one Person who trespassed at a place we had Barricade at my work place, it was later discovered that that person is a Councillor in the outskirts of Luanshya and is a Relative of one of The mp’s. He left swearing at me then minutes later we just saw Five Anti Robbery officers with two rifles charging at me viontely and uttering all sorts of bad Language trying to Manhandle me, i refused to be Manhandled and asked them to ask around my workmates on what really transpired but they refused and took me to a vehicle and drove off to the police, there they took me to their office and i there i found the same guy who they asked to explain to them what really happened…., he made his statement and they started yelling at me all sorts of bad words and threats, then i told them that i thought they would now give chance to also make my statement but they became annoyed just by those words and put me into cells until My Boss Had to Come to my rescue later in The Day. I wondered why the Anti Robbery should be dealing with such a case and how they would be so serious over a petty issue whilst they do not even care about serious crime issues. There in the cells i found suspects that they have Badly Beaten But they have left them languishing in pain and hunger, some of them were Blidding profusely. I entered the cell with no charge and no statement, no call out. The Traffic chase after taxi’s in such a small town which has resulted in fatal accidents but nothing has been done to them. My question is are the Police now working for the People?

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