Police cancel Harry Kalaba, cancel his rally

Police cancel Harry Kalaba, cancel his rally

*Police disrupt Harry Kalaba’s rally in Samfya this morning despite having given him a police permit.

Armed Police dispersed crowds that had started gathering to witness the DP vision launch in Samfya.

When news filtered that the Police had recieved ‘fresh instructions’ to cancel the rally last minute.The crowds started getting agitated forcing Mr Harry Kalaba to make a pre-mature appearance at the grounds to calm the crowds.

When at the scene,Mr Kalaba reasoned with Supt Chilala who agreed that Mr Harry Kalaba should ask the crowds to leave.Its at this point that the Police provockingly fired blanks into the air and a number of teargas cannisters were thrown.

Quick movement by Harry kalaba’s detail whisked him into a nearby safehouse as Police frantically searched for him.

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    Harry Kalaba, where’s your apology to Zambians for having contributed to establishment of a govt that allows this to happen? See, they’re now coming for u.

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    Muntu in Zambia 2 weeks ago

    Former Director General at the Zambian Chancery in Guanzghou, in China, Robert Kaela Kalimi, also former deputy ambassador at the high commission in Kenya and Kapoko’s uncle and family spokesman, has caused a marriage to break between Munsha Kapaya the daughter of the immediate past Chienge MP and Laupula Minister Brig. Gen. Benson Kapaya and Arthur Mazimba the former owner of Natures Pub and Restaurant in the Waterfalls area of Chongwe. Kalimi has been bonking Munsha for the last 10 months. Details include Munsha forging contracts claiming that she had to provide catering services for a named local insurance company of Lusaka with the help of her sister inlaw Mutale Munfonka who works for the said company to facilitate for the sexual exploits between Kalimi and Munsha. Munsha who has 3 children with Arthur has been married for 13 years. Munsha has been chased from the marital home and now staying with parents in the meanwood area. Arthur has decided to proceed with divorce in the high court and also to sue kalimi for marriage interference. Details will follow soon.

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    Maybe he deserves it, when we complained of the same brutal treatment they all called us cry babies, bitter and tribal. Taste of your own medicine mate some of us are done complaining, they’re ill treatment has only made us stronger.

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    ZEKOLATO 2 weeks ago


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    Yangu 2 weeks ago

    Zimbabwe has finally arrived
    Lyson Nyirenda, Eastern Province UPND Youth Chairman was Friday afternoon arrested by the Police for addressing a meeting of UPND party members. He is waiting to be charged.