Police cancel Harry Kalaba, cancel his rally

Police cancel Harry Kalaba, cancel his rally

*Police disrupt Harry Kalaba’s rally in Samfya this morning despite having given him a police permit.

Armed Police dispersed crowds that had started gathering to witness the DP vision launch in Samfya.

When news filtered that the Police had recieved ‘fresh instructions’ to cancel the rally last minute.The crowds started getting agitated forcing Mr Harry Kalaba to make a pre-mature appearance at the grounds to calm the crowds.

When at the scene,Mr Kalaba reasoned with Supt Chilala who agreed that Mr Harry Kalaba should ask the crowds to leave.Its at this point that the Police provockingly fired blanks into the air and a number of teargas cannisters were thrown.

Quick movement by Harry kalaba’s detail whisked him into a nearby safehouse as Police frantically searched for him.

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