Police cancel UPND rally in Chililabombwe

Scared Police on the Copperbelt have cancelled an opposition meeting that was going to be held in Chililabombwe on instructions from Lusaka.

Senior police officers who had earlier allowed the meeting to go ahead were forced to cancel it for fear of losing their jobs or being transferred to rural postings.

Copperbelt provincial chairperson Elisha Matambo said that a senior police officer in Chililabombwe told them that they had received instructions from Lusaka to cancel the permit hours before the event could kick off at Mitondo High School.

The seniorf police officer told Mr Matambo that his hands were tied for he had been threatened to be transferred to a rural posting if he failed to comply with instructions.

Mr Matambo said it was unfortunate that police were being victimized by their seniors for allowing the opposition to hold their events.

He explained that police had issued the party with a permit to go ahead with the celebrations for scooping the Mvula ward in Chililabombwe a week ago.

The event which was supposed to be graced by party leader Hakainde Hichilema was scheduled to take place yesterday at the school grounds in Mvula Ward.Mr Matambo said turning police into a PF government branch was not only a danger to democracy but that the ruling party should also accept that people in Chililabombwe have spoken loudly.

“We are very disappointed with the PF police that after giving us the permit days back they have now cancelled it. They are saying that we cannot go ahead with our rally and the celebration because people from Lusaka have asked them to withdraw the permit from us. “This PF is pushing people against the wall; they can’t go to an extent of cancelling a celebration meant to say thanks to people for voting for us. I want to tell PF to behave themselves as the people on the Copperbelt have spoken loudly,” Mr Matambo said.He however assured the people working against the wishes of the people that his party would not tolerate the twaddle being exhibited by PF.Mr Matambo said his party would not be threatened as it was determined to grab all the other seats on the Copperbelt.

He said it was sad that the police had become another branch of PF as it was not prepared to follow the law of the land.And Mr Joseph Masoka of Mvula ward said DEBS officials informed the local leadership that the event could not take place as police have been asked to withdraw the permit.

Mr Masoka who was one of the organizers for the event said it was sad that police could not be left alone to do their work professionally.


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