Police challenged to say the truth

Police challenged to say the truth


We have noted conflicting media reports and statements from the Zambia Police on the Friday early morning raid at UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s in-laws in Shibuyunji.

Initial media reports indicate that the Zambia police were not aware of the operation and subsequently labelled Mr. Hichilema as telling lies to the nation and threatened to deal with him.

The initial denial by the police created anxiety and fear among citizens who thought there was a gang of criminals in Zambia Police vehicles, uniforms and weapons going round the country searching private properties. There were others who believed that there was a parallel Police paramilitary group that was specifically tasked to terrorize citizens around the country and wondered under whose command it was.

Now the police have confirmed that there was indeed a raid at Mr. Hichilema’s in-laws “and other places around the country”.

We challenge the police to tell the nation, like they always do, which other places or citizens were searched as they claim and what were the search results.

We believe that conducting such operations is a costly undertaking in terms of personnel, fuel, ammunition and other logistics especially at a time the country’s economy has collapsed.

Basic necessities are lacking in hospitals and clinics due to lack of funding, yet government has money to waste chasing after the wind, harassing Mr. Hichilema and his relatives just to settle political scores.

If the amount of energy the PF are dedicating in harassing and abusing Mr. Hichilema was the same kind they were applying in addressing critical issues affecting the majority Zambian citizens, this country would have been far better managed.

Zambian people have endured being gassed and being terrorised by PF thugs in markets, bus stops and other public places, yet police do nothing other than pursuing Mr. Hichilema and now his relatives.

So far, Zambians are being made to take expired drugs supplied by PF criminals who are still walking free, but police and law enforcement agencies would rather be pursuing Mr. Hichilema for merely offering himself to serve his country as a President. This is vindictive, illegal and unacceptable and must stop.

*Percy Chanda*
*UPND NMC Member*

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