Police charge and lock up Dora Siliya

Police charge and lock up Dora Siliya

Dora Siliya

Police in Lusaka have locked up former Communications minister Dora Siliya.

Siliya appeared before the reconstituted Task Force on Corruption this morning.

She has been charged with Abuse of Authority in relation to the installation of radar system at the then Lusaka and Livingstone international airports.

The Watchdog has been informed that police refused to give her police bond and locked her up at Woodlands police station but might be transferred to another station.

Police sources say State House and DPP Mutembo  Nchito ordered the police to lock her up as a way of diverting attention from the current, numerous issues the PF government is failing to address like the Barotseland uprising and looming strikes by civil servants.

‘The idea is to divert attention from issues in the country. So tomorrow there will be a media hype on Siliya so that attention can be directed there;’ said a police source.

The Task force include the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and Zambia Police.

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