Police charge Mumba for revealing that PF has paid agents to destabilise MMD

Police in Kitwe  have charged MMD president Nevers Mumba for conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

Earlier at around 05:00 hours in the morning, police in full riot gear surrounded Bella Lova Apartments in Kitwe’s Parklands area where Dr. Mumba had lodged and asked him to accompany them to the police station.

Dr. Mumba complied with the police’s directive and reported at Kitwe Central Police around 07:00 hours and was detained until 12:40 hours when he was released on police bond.

Dr. Mumba will appear in court on January 4, 2013.

Police spokesperson, Elizabeth Kanjela, Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Mary Tembo and Dr. Mumba’s lawyer Jonas Mukumbi of Mukumbi and Company all confirmed the arrest of Dr. Mumba in an interview.

Ms. Tembo said Dr. Mumba was arrested for allegedly issuing an alarming statement on Monday that the Patriotic Front (PF) government had paid some people K1.4 billion to destabilize the MMD.

Ms. Tembo said the statement that Dr. Mumba issued was likely to cause confusion in the Copperbelt province.

She said the police arrested Dr. Mumba so that he can produce evidence concerning the utterances he made.

She said police in the Copperbelt province were not happy with Dr. Mumba’s behaviour and warned him against issuing statements that are likely to cause confusion in the nation.

She said Dr. Mumba has since been released on police bond and that he will appear in court on January, 4, 2013.

Ms. Tembo however said the police will not hesitate to re-arrest Dr. Mumba if he continues to issue alarming statements in the Copperbelt province.

And Mr. Mukumbi wondered why police officers had detained Dr. Mumba for more than five hours at Kitwe Central Police.

He said his client reported at Central Police around 07:00 hours and was only charged around 12:00 hours.

And speaking in an interview after being released from Kitwe Central Police, Dr. Mumba maintained that the statement he made about the PF government having given some people K1.4 billion to destabilize the MMD was true.

Dr. Mumba said as a leader of the opposition political party, he has access to intelligence information.

Dr. Mumba said he has the responsibility to defend democracy and that he had reliable intelligence information on anything that destroys the future of the country.

“It is our responsibility to defend democracy. When Mr Sata was in the opposition, he said Rupiah Banda recruited policemen from Zimbabwe to come rig the elections. We never arrested them,” he said.

He said democracy should be enjoyed by people from both the ruling class and the opposition for it to be meaningful to the country.

He was represented by Jonas Mukumbi from Mukumbi and Company, Douglas Mazumba from Douglas and Partners and Victor Michelo from Michelo and Company.

Mr Mukumbi confirmed in an interview the charge and said that it was surprising that his client was detained around 07.00 hrs and only charged at 12.00hrs.

“The police have taken unnecessary delay in charging him. Our client is denying the charge,” he said.

A fortnight ago, Dr. Mumba and some senior party officials were arrested for unlawful assembly in Kitwe in the Copperbelt province and he is still appearing in court on that charge.

On Christmas day, .Nevers Mumba was turned away from visiting inmates at Kanfinsa State prison when he made attempts to visit inmates and present Christmas gifts.

This was when the officer in – charge at the prison Moses Chipokola informed him and party members that had accompanied him that,they could not be allowed as the law does not allow those released from custody in space of six months to have access.

Mr. Chipokola advised Dr.Mumba to take the groceries he had bought else where as there are a number of institutions and hungry street children that need to be fed.

He added that there was no need to call the Home Affairs Minister as he had vast experience having worked for the prisons for 28 years.

It was at this point that Dr. Mumba left the institution.

Earlier in the day, Dr.Mumba visted Kitwe Central Hospital and Chimwemwe clinic were he presented hampers to 20 newly born babies.

Speaking to journalists Dr.Mumba stated that very soon the party is to release names of party members that have been paid One Billion Kwacha by the Patriotic Front to distablise its operations.

He has warned party members not to entertain them but report to party secretaried.

Dr.Mumba disclosed that the group had reached Muchinga and Northern provinces.

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