Police cheated on salary increment

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I dont know how you guys are missing it. In february this year, Home affairs minister Hon. Davis Mwila mislead the public saying government is going to increase salaries for Police officers in february month end.
Knowing exactly that wage freeze was lifted by President E. Lungu last year in may on labour day.
Today 25/04/2016 all police officers have been paid their april salaries. There is no increament. Imagine the increament we received was in 2013.

We are wondering what is happening to the increament, please mwebantu even ka K200 kala panga sense, as we are not spared from the inflation that has hit this economy recently. Kulibe wamene tina paya to deserve a blind eye.
We thought april they were going to give us some increament but nothing mudala. Kaya vevichitika kusogolo.

To make the matter worse for four months now we have not received any payslips. As you know that any misdeductions you can not make any repayment without a payslip but our have withheld somewhere. Most officers including me we are missing money from our salaries and we do not have an idea where the money has gone to as our payslips have not been issued.
If you talk at wa lwakwa, what do us to do? If they are increasing our salaries it is ok, let them give us our payslips. It is not justifiable to hold on to some people’s without giving any explaination.

Concerned Person.

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