Police check point leads to death of patient

Police check point leads to death of patient

Dear Watchdog,  

I need u to help me convey this information to the police officials on checkpoints to never interrupt ambulances in the name of checking. I have just lost my cousin due to such beuracacy on Mwami border checkpoint where my mother was on an ambulance that was referring my cousin to Chipata General hospital last night.  

The overzealous policeman on the checkpoint stopped the ambulance for about 20minutes against the advice from the referring nurse who tried to reason with him that there was an emergency case. The police officer insisted and challenged the nurse that no vehicle is above the law,  all were subjected to stoppages not even ambulances.  

After controversy with the nurse whom my mother described as professional in her defence for health,  the policeman couldn’t let them pass immediately. In summary,  upon reaching the hospital,  my cousin was confirmed dead (was in urgent need of oxygen treatment due to breathing difficulties) and was with severe anaemia that needed blood transfusion. I asked for follow up on the issue,  I hear the DC was informed about this treatment,  but I feel we need more publicity as it may die a natural death as usual.  

It is reported by the locals that the policeman is new in the area, and just yesterday,  he had stopped the ambulance 4times with serious cases on board and made it clear that he will keep searching no matter how many times it passes.  This may cost many lives,  if my own relative could not make it,  am ready to fight for the others. 


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