Police chief Calls For Instant Action Against Police Officer Captured Photographing Youths While On Duty

Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde has described as unprofessional and unacceptable the conduct of a police officer who was captured in a Daily Newspaper photographing youths at Kalundu basic school while he was on duty.
Kabonde says the officer in question crossed the line and has brought ridicule upon the Zambia police service. The IG has further directed that the officer be withdrawn from his operational point and disciplined without delay.
He has cautioned other police officers against straying from their primary roles of providing safety and security to citizens and their property.
Police spokesperson Bonny Kapeso made the revelation in an interview this afternoon.
Meanwhile, some police officers in Chibombo district are allegedly charging people who have lost their voters cards for police reports despite a recent directive against the action.
Some villagers in Chibombo district complained to MUVI TV News on Friday that they are still being asked to pay for police reports regarding lost National Registration or voters cards.
Inspector general of police Francis Kabonde recently directed that the police stops charging for police reports during the ongoing voter registration exercise.
One of the villagers, Robert Mikushi says for as long as police in the area continue asking for payment, many people will not register or get voters card replacements.
Meanwhile, a villager Sibongo Saniko has called for enhanced sensitization campaigns to promote the ongoing voters registration exercise.
And when contacted for comment, police spokesperson Bonny Kapeso condemned the move by police in Chibombo saying they must stop with immediate effect.
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