Police claim have lost key to GBM’s cell, turn away wife with food

The wife of detained UPND vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba Sunday afternoon could not give her husband food as the police claimed that they had lost the key to GBM’s cells.

GBM’s wife Chama and her daughters Sibongile and Musama among other family members were turned away from seeing him because the keys to his cell were ‘missing’. GBM’s wife arrived at exactly 15:00 and went straight to seek clearance to see her husband and give him food for the day. The police told her they had misplaced the keys as there had been a change of shifts amongst themselves and the hangovers were not properly done.

After about 40 minutes of waiting for the ‘missing’ keys, GBM’s daughters lost their patience and angrily confronted the officers demanding that they find the keys to the cell because they wanted to see him and give him food. The officers suggested that they leave the food with them so that they give him when keys were found. This suggestion did not go well with the family. They all stood up at once and told off the officers for such a ‘stupid’ suggestions and said they knew what the police were up to. They later warned them that if anything happened to GBM in the cell, ‘no single hair would remain standing on their (cops) heads.’ 

The family later left the police station around 15:51 with the food they had brought after failing to see him.

However, the Watchdog understands that the instructions given to the police by outgoing president, Edgar Lungu, is to keep GBM hungry so that he can finally accept to eat anything given him by anyone. This is how they plan on poisoning him. Nevertheless, GBM has refused to eat anything that has not been handed over to him by his wife, Chama.

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