Police command in cash bonanza, order new cars

Police command in cash bonanza, order new cars

The Patriotic Front is to spend an extra K120 million for the next three months to finance the Police under the state of emergency. K40 million will be spent on the Police every month.

” Imagine they have even ordered new Nissan Patrols to be delivered immediately when they bought news vehicle two months ago. With the declaration of this State of Emergency the command does not need authority from the Zambia Public Procurement Authority. They are single sourcing. People are getting richer by the day,” the source said.

Meanwhile, K35 million has been released to the University of Zambia to pay June salaries and some suppliers. Another US 39.7 million has been released to Avic International as counterpart funding for the construction of the New Ndola Airport. A source from within the treasury has told the Zambian Watchdog in an exclusive interview that the National treasury is under extreme pressure.


” I do not know why these people hate a free press. After you reported that UNZA lecturers were on strike for non payment of June salaries we received instructions from above to get money from Toll gate fees to pay UNZA staff. They read also. Toll gates revenue is now our life line because we collect about K40 million every two weeks” the source said. The source the PF had to get money from International Reserves held at Bank of Zambia to pay Avic International as ten percent country contribution.” You know Ndola Airport will cost US 397 million to construct and it is a loan from Chinese government but the Zambian government has to pay 10 percent as what we call counterpart funding before the project starts” the source said. The source wondered whether the new Ndola airport was a priority as compared to a number of uncompleted district hospitals and schools.

” Surely can the airport be a priority when we have about 18 un completed district hospitals and 38 secondary schools. These district hospitals most of them are still in phase one and you know they were poorly designed such that you can not start using the facility at phase one. The problem is that most ministries have their own infrastructure departments and have ignored the buildings department that should design all government projects,” the source said.

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