Police command were 100% sure Nevers Mumba would not get bail, were on standby

The top Police Command is shocked that MMD leader Never Mumba was granted bail by the court despite a well orchestrated  plan to deny him both police bond and court bail.

In line with the plan, police on Wednesday deployed 120 Police officers for the Nevers Mumba court case at the Lusaka Magistrate Court a senior police officer has told the Zambian Watchdog.

The Senior Officer said 70 police officers were stationed at the Magistrate Court while 50 officers were at Force Headquarters awaiting further instructions.

The source said the Patriotic Front Police command anticipated that the court was going to deny Dr. Mumba bail which could have resulted into some chaos.

“We deployed 120 police officers all together. 70 officers were at court and 50 were on standby at headquarters. To tell you the truth the command was 100% sure that Nevers Mumba was going to be denied bail so the command anticipated chaos” the source said.

The source said even the Officer In-Charge at Chimbokaila remand was on alert because he was also briefed about the plan. The source said even reserve police officers from the Flying Squad were mobilized.

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