Police complain of being robbed by commanders

Police complain of being robbed by commanders

Robbery and Theft at Zambia Police Headquarters

Several Police officers have complained of daylight robbery and theft by senior Police officers over the Thrift Cooperative. The officers who declined to be named accuse the Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja and his top officials of abuse of authority of office and theft. They say they are commanded to contribute K700 every month from their salaries to a Cooperative called thrift but when time comes for officers to get their contributions back, the Police command tells them their is no money. ”

What happens is that we contribute K700 every month from our little salaries to this cooperative which operates like a revolving fund. For example after three months when you have pressing issues you can go and withdraw K2100 but now we can not. The command is stealing the money and both the IG and the Minister of Home Affairs are aware of this,” the officers said. The Police Officers allege that some members of the Police command have even bought highly mechanised farms from theft of these monies. They say to make matters worse, the Police command under Mr. Kakoma Kanganja has embarked on construction of projects that do not benefit the ordinary police officer.

They gave an example of a new School called Grandview in Shimabala in Chilanga that has purged school fees that can not be afforded by an ordinary officer.

” Right now they have constructed a School under thrift in Shimabala called Grandview but the fees are very high such that it is their Children to benefit. What is our benefit?where is this country going,” one officer lamented.

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