Police continue harassing Chitambala Mwewa

Police continue harassing Chitambala Mwewa

Chitambala Mwewa of SIMON MWEWA LANE TV has been warned and cautioned.

This morning Chitambala Mwewa has been warned and cautioned for the offence of assault.

Cosmo Mumba and his Secretary General, Clive Chikula filed a complaint against Mr. Mwewa alleging that Mr. Mwewa assaulted Clive Chikula on the 28th September, 2021 at Simoson Building.

Upon hearing about this allegation through social media, Mr Mwewa went to Lusaka Central Police to give his statement on the matter.

According to Mr. Mwewa, Clive Chikula is a “tamanga” hustler that doesn’t pay rent but only intercepts customers at the front gate of SIMOSON BUILDING

Mr. Mwewa’s office has been getting numerous complaints from Simoson tenants about Clive Chikula intercepting customers at Simoson’s front gate and charging potential customers exaggerated prices on motor spare parts.

Simoson management eventually decided to prohibit Cosmo Mumba’s Secretary General from entering Simoson Building. Two Simoson gaurds were instructed by Mr. Mwewa to physically remove Clive Chikula from the premises. It was at this point that Clive alleges that he was assaulted.

After several minutes of verbal arguments between Clive and Simoson security guards, Cosmo Mumba came on the scene and transported Clive to a local clinic and fabricated a medical report alleging that Mr. Mwewa assaulted Clive Chikula when infact not.

Mr. Mwewa has said “I won’t hire lawyers for this case because it’s a clear case of false reporting and I will represent myself in court”

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