Police continue harassing Rupiah Banda family

Immigration and intelligences officers at Kasumbalesa border post a few days ago confiscated the passport for James Banda, son of the former President Rupiah Banda for unexplained reasons.

James, a businessman who frequently travels to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was shocked when a female officer grabbed his passport and later disappeared with the documents.

“The guy had to wait for over three hours and there was no explanation as to why his passport was taken. Afterward, they started asking him if he was Henry, another one asked him if he was Andrew, he told them ‘I am James and you can see my names in the passport,” the source said.

Some intelligence sources told the Watchdog that they were instructed by the ‘powers that be’ in Lusaka to arrest James or any of the former President’s son for unexplained offenses.

“James really complied because when they asked him if he was the son of the former President, he told them ‘yes I am the son of the former president. I am James Banda” said the source.

His passport was later given back after spending several hours at the border and the officers did not even apologies to James for delaying him.

The confiscation of James’ passport is an ongoing ploy by the government and its allies to annihilate and embarrass the former first family

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