Police continue mounting illegal road blocks

Police continue mounting illegal road blocks


Traffic police in Lusaka have intensified mounting ‘illegal’ road blocks with the blessings of Home Affairs Steven Kapyongo.

A day ago, Lusaka province minister Bowman Lusaka told residents to man handle cops mounting illegal road blocks.

But this infuriated the police and Kapyongo who feel that Lusambo is undermining them.

Police are telling motorists they ‘catch’ that Lusambo is not our minister so we can not obey his orders.

Illegal speed trap set up by cops in this car just after 15 miles bridge along great north road

Police have continued mourning Illegal speed traps. This one has been set up by cops in this car just after 15 miles bridge along great north road

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  • comment-avatar
    CHIMES OF CHAMBIA 1 week ago

    we will write this in Chinese so that LUSAMBO understands kikikiki

  • comment-avatar
    Wesley 1 week ago

    …And why the Zambian Police like hiding is beyond me….thieving.
    In RSA when they set up mobile speed traps, the cops do not hide…eish!

  • comment-avatar
    Steve 1 week ago

    they got so used to making easy money from motorists and are getting brok. Have you noticed the are beginning to lose weight! Equally serious is the low morale the regular and paramilitary police must feel which one day could threaten national security. Traffic Police are supposed to drive accident deterrence not instil fear that makes road users want to bribe them. Instead Traffic police must control erratic minibus driver road use who have turned bus stops into b stops where they have stopped using to park n the middle of the road. Or target Cyclists who continue to flout road use with bicycles which have no lights or reflective wear.some areas where real traffic police work is needed 

  • comment-avatar
    scare crow 1 week ago

    ok ok musachiona me and lusambo we are going kwamununga to bewitch kampyongo wait and see