Police continue torturing people during partial lockdown

Police continue torturing people during partial lockdown

In this video, police torture, assault , brutalise and humiliate six people they found at Bread of Life Church in Mkushi yesterday.

During this partial Covid-19 lockdown , Churches were given one hour to pray as long as they are not more than 50.

But it looks like government secretly ordered police to torture anyone they found in church.

When people break the law, they are supposed to be arrested and taken to court and if found guilty, the court should decide appropriate punishment. But under the PF, police have been given powers to beat.

Why heat up and humiliate these people who are not even resisting.

The violence PF is promoting will one day work against the same PF.

It’s not even clear why churches have been targeted by these PF Satanist when all town centres and markets are buzzing with people.

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