Police deny Barotseland activists permit to demonstrate against Sata

A showdown is looming in Western province between the Barotse Freedom Movement, the Linyungandambo and police over a permit to hold a peaceful demonstration.

The Barotse Freedom Movement and Linyunga Ndambo have vowed to go ahead with the demonstration set for this Wednesday 25th July 2012 despite the police refusal togrant them a permit.

The demonstration is meant to express displeasure over Presidentsata’s recent remarks against Litunga.
The police in the area have declined to give a permit citing security reasons.

Western Province Police commissioner, Fanwell Siandenge has told MUVI TV news in a telephone interview that a permit has no been approved as some people may take advantage to demonstration to cause confusion.

He says such a situation may endanger people’s lives and Government property.

Mr. Siandenge says leaders of the two groupings have been informed and warned against going ahead with the demonstration.

Muvi TV

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